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Starting to produce in a small workshop in Izmir in 1983, Goktas formed its brand by stepping into the construction sector with the success achieved from the principle of quality product and meticulous working. In 2001, Goktas renewed the production line of Membrane Cover with its technological developments in the sector. With its new investments, it also started production of Panel Door, Wooden Panel Door, Laminate Door Covering with registered trademark Rino Door. Thanks to the products which are o high quality and the principle of working diligently, it has become a preferred company in the domestic market for its cover and door needs in a short time. With the investments made in 2008 and 2009, we have added aluminum lid, sliding rail lid, Acrylic lid & panel product groups to our production line by adding new machines. With the new structuring in 2012, Goktas Construction Market stores have been added to the service group and it started to sell hardware and accessories used in the furniture industry in wholesale and retail. After we invested in 2014, we started to sell modular body production and steel doors with Dekofark and Capitech brands and presented products to the domestic and foreign markets. Goktas keeps up with developing technology and sector developments and continuously renews itself and realizes the necessary investments and continues its policy of quality and meticulous work to date. Goktas is a global company that provides service in Turkey with its 2 building markets, 12 branches and 4 factories, 8 branch offices and 1 factory abroad. It is constantly developing and working to provide better services to its customers.

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